Office Hours is your opportunity to spend time one-on-one with local, professional service providers and entrepreneurs who give their time to help you take the next steps to success, making sure you know what you did not know you needed to know.

You can book a free, one-off, 45 minute Office Hour session with Bravesight to find out what you didn't know about Sales and Marketing matters to grow your business.

Once your booking is confirmed you will receive a Pre-Office Hours questionnaire to fill in at least 24 hours before your session.

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This free one on one consultation is made available as part of the PoweringON programme

About Bravesight:

Multi-disciplined strategic marketing firm Bravesight specialises in research & insights, strategy, brand & design, business advisory, and digital development. The Bravesight approach is honest and no-nonsense, led from a genuine desire to develop long-term relationships that improve the way you do business.
Relying on thorough qualitative (exploratory) and quantitative (structured data collection) research, Bravesight clients get the opportunity to discover vital information that can help their business forward. With this, a clear and cohesive marketing strategy will be created so you can achieve tangible results.
The Bravesight team works with you as a strategic partner to make sure all marketing efforts are fully aligned with the plans around your business’ growth, even when things seem to be a little difficult to navigate. The Bravesight approach is to the point, and aimed at constructing a great future in business together.

About Arron Edwards Bravesight CEO:

Creative tech specialist Arron Edwards has been a successful business owner for more than a decade. With his exceptional team, Arron works on identifying and further developing growth opportunities within businesses.
Always professional and transparent, Arron and his team deliver great products and solutions, within budget. He is a natural problem solver and a knowledgeable advisor for entrepreneurs and decision makers who are ready to see their businesses grow. It’s Arron’s passion to help businesses create positive change.
See for more details, email start [at] bravesight [dot] com or call Bravesight today on (07) 928 8867.

DisclaimerDisclaimer, because the legal boffins made us say it:  The information and advice you receive from Bravesight Limited is general information only and has been prepared without taking into account your personal circumstances.  You should seek professional advice before acting on any material. While all reasonable care is taken in the preparation of any information, to the extent allowed by legislation Bravesight Limited accepts no liability whatsoever for reliance on it.


PoweringON is a Business Owner focused initiative delivered by Venture Centre with the support of PriorityOne and Tauranga City Council. This programme contributes to Venture Centre commitment to be part of growing a prosperous region where everyone can access, participate in and benefit from digital technologies and entrepreneurship.


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