PoweringON connects Small Business Owners with the service providers they need to navigate the digital age. PoweringON exists to increase the awareness of opportunities, guidance and connections to enable SMEs to increase their digital technology adoption, and thus to support the emergence of more competitive, tech-savvy, tech enabled local businesses.

PoweringON has been designed with dual goals;

  • increasing the number of small business owners (over 95% of businesses in the region) who use digital tools and services to launch or grow their ventures; and,
  • increasing the extent to which they use digital service providers based in the region (see the Digital Experts directory here)

Research reveals Small Business Owners often don’t know what they don’t know (DKDK) when it comes to deploying digital tools or partnering with digital providers.

Some are intimidated by the complexity of options and concerned about devoting resources that will not show bottom line results.

In response the PoweringON initiative, delivered by Venture Centre and supported by PriorityOne and Tauranga City Council, and first piloted in 2017, explores combining dual services to create a pathway to change by;

  • matching business owner needs (explicitly defined via the Digital Assessment and/or via feedback following a workshop) with a range of local suppliers; and,
  • providing a free, one-to-one Digital Navigator consultation to plan next steps, bounce ideas with and take action.
  • providing workshop curation, coordination and communication services removing extra work for Digital Experts to share what they know so that business owners can get the knowledge they need to make digital investment decisions. A starting point to creating relationships with Digital Experts which can turn into long-term trusted partnerships.

Business Owners: Start with a free Digital Assessment and report on how well your business is using digital and compare how it measures to 7000+ others - click here

Business Owners
: Follow up your Digital Assessment with a free session with a Digital Navigator get clarity on next steps, support and accountability - click here

Digital Service Providers - the Experts: To add your digital expertise to the directory (FREE) click here.

Digital Service Providers -  the Experts: To take advantage of the event services and share your expertise in a cost effective one to many way in a workshop setting-  click here



PoweringON is a Business Owner focused initiative delivered by Venture Centre with the support of PriorityOne and Tauranga City Council. This programme contributes to Venture Centre commitment to be part of growing a prosperous region where everyone can access, participate in and benefit from digital technologies and entrepreneurship.


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