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PoweringON support for Small Business Success

97% of small businesses in Aotearoa/New Zealand list the following as barriers to using digital resources:
Not knowing what to implement
Cost to implement
Difficulty finding the right skills
Difficulty finding relevant services
Lack of resources, knowledge and understanding
The PoweringON programme will help you address these challenges with practical knowledge, tailored support, talent matching and digital resources.

Programmes, Workshops, Meetups

Practical &

Workshops, provided by independent advisors and local experts give you and your team skills to implement tactical digital tools and services. Industry specific workshops are available and Industry groups are welcome to connect to leverage PoweringON for their members.

Knowledge &

Digital assessments, Big Picture workshops, Office hours meetings with local service professionals, Meetups and events give you the opportunity to connect with like minds, learn about the opportunities and grow at your chosen pace.

Talent &

Matching you with a Digital Navigator for independent advice and local digital service providers to help you implement your digital action plan and give your business the capacity to reach further, grow faster and become more prosperous.

Free Digital Assessment

As well as your personalised action plan this assessment will benchmark your business against over 7000 small businesses who have already used the tool across New Zealand. Click to open in new window

Start where you are

The A to Z on what you can do online and the services you can use.

Access the resources, useful links and references presented at the workshops. Start your journey with new tools, new business models, future innovations. Use these services just as the successful businesses featured at the workshops.

Resource Bank

Local Digital Experts

Do you provide digital expertise and technologies to businesses with less than 20 employees?

From solo web designers to full service strategy and branding agencies, from single technology vendors to integrated systems developers – business owners need to learn from and engage with the right local digital service provider, the expert, for them. Is that you?

Tell us about you

What is PoweringON?

PoweringON is a Business Owner focused programme aimed to increase their digital capability.

It offers assessment, clinic services and workshops to increase the awareness of the benefits of digital tools. It provides the steps necessary to implement, improve and encourage the development of new digitally enabled business models by:
- moving participating SMEs along the digital maturity curve
- increasing the visibility and clarification of services from local digital service providers.

Associated services include:
- a channel for digital service providers (the Experts) to deliver education and training services
- a toolkit for Industry groups to promote the programme value to their Members.
- an increased opportunity for SME and tertiary students to engage and add value to new ‘digital’ jobs in SMEs & digital service providers.
- a map of the journey to identify when shifts occur / where value is created.

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PoweringON is a Business Owner focused initiative delivered by Venture Centre with the support of PriorityOne and Tauranga City Council. This programme contributes to Venture Centre commitment to be part of growing a prosperous region where everyone can access, participate in and benefit from digital technologies and entrepreneurship.


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